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If you don’t know Project Honey Pot, go and have a look. They offer a service for querying IP addresses and check if they are listed in those involving in spamming or threatening activities. So, if your visitor has a black listed IP you can block him from accessing or doing something sensitive. Since it […]

Looks like with the plugins I installed recently on my blog, the spam is completely gone away. I didn’t want to install captcha, since they are quite annoying. But it looks like they are effective against spam. I found “Conditional CAPTCHA” which works in the correct way: the user insert the comment, if the bayesian […]

Dear Apple, dear Sony, dear stupid "international" company willing to sell me stuff through internet... the fact that, in this period of my life, I am living in Germany and I own a German credit card, doesn't mean that I can perfectly understand German. So why there is no way to change the language in […]

Google Font API

Google just announced the Google Font API. This allows to include quality fonts in HTML pages, as easy as you were doing before with the "web-safe" fonts. You specify a css link, and the Google Font API will produce on the fly the CSS for your browser. Then you are ready to use any font […]

Currently I am using GWT for a new project and I am really enthusiast of the results. I think it could be a nice article for this blog to explain some GWT ideas and how it is changing the way modern web application are being written. With GWT you use a subset of Java Core […]

This tutorial will guide you through installation of Apache, HTTPS, Subversion and Trac, in order to have an (almost) complete development environment for your team. This article is divided in following steps 1. Installing Subversion 2. Installing Apache 3. Configuring Apache with SSL 4. Configuring Subversion with Apache (and SSL) 5. Installing Trac You may […]

Last time I used .ear packaging there was no support for sharing information between web applications: you needed to use web services, rest, etc. This evening I just made a search on the internet to check if things are better now. It seems that nothing is changed. I found that some application servers have implemented […]

The passwords hell

Registration/Login is the #1 usability problem on websites. I hate security paranoia when it is not needed (ok, I can understand a bank…) My suggestions to avoid boring the people using our software: Let the user choose the preferred password. Don’t assign it your own (especially with random chars!!!). User will forget it and abandon […]

This is a story about a problem that can happen if your web application has operations that will require a long time (let’s say more than 30 seconds) to generate a response for the browser. Figuring out what is happening, could not always be so easy. Especially if you didn’t wrote the application and the […]

Piero Ricca, is an Italian citizen owning a blog in which he speaks about politics and justice. A sort of Italian Michael Moore, I would say. Yesterday, the blog of my friend Piero Ricca has been censored. Blocked actually, as Italian police has changed passwords, blocked posts and comments on that site, deleted articles. You […]


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